In Mexico, at the height of the abnormal heat, hail fell and a tornado swept through (4 photos + 4 videos)

27 May 2024

While the residents were slowly melting in the almost forty-degree heat, nature decided to give them an icy surprise.

According to preliminary data, a tornado hit Tres Caminos, Santa Cruz-Azcapolzaltongo. Along its path, the squally wind toppled trees and billboards that stood on public roads.

The Mexico State Civil Protection Service reported that two people were killed as a result of the tornado. They did not specify the exact causes of their death, but reported them as the consequences of a tornado.

Without going into detail about the nature of the reported event north of Toluca, the local government confirmed that significant property damage had been caused and emergency services were conducting tours of the affected areas.

And the Mexican city of Puebla, which has a population of 1.5 million, was hit by tornadoes, hail and heat all at once. The city drowned in the rubble of buildings and trees, snowdrifts and rivers of melt water that immediately appeared.

The municipal office of civil protection said the storm was concentrated in places such as Alamos, Patriotismo, Puente Negro, Puente de Mexico and Hacienda.

The streets of Colonia Francisco I. Madero also suffered from the devastating effects of the rain. Videos have been circulating on social media showing heavy hail storms hitting residential areas.

According to local media, dozens of people were unable to leave their homes due to the conditions in the streets.

Outside the state capital, San Salvador El Verde and Texmelucan were hit hard, where rain was also accompanied by hail.

The State Civil Protection Service clarified that the storm caused trees to fall in at least five colonies.

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