A man found the remains of Ice Age giants in the cellar (4 photos)

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24 May 2024

Scientists suggest that these creatures fell into a trap set by people. Animal bones will help reveal how Stone Age hunters caught mammoths.

A man came across several huge bones buried deep in a wine cellar and immediately reported it to experts, who identified them as the remains of three mammoths - giants of the Ice Age.

“I thought it was just a piece of wood that my grandfather left behind. I dug a little, and then I remembered my grandfather’s stories about the teeth he found - and then I immediately realized that it was a mammoth,” Andreas told the Austrian public broadcaster ORF.

Researchers Thomas Einwegerer and Hannah Parow-Souchon say artifacts and charcoal found at the same site as the bones indicate the mammoth remains are between 30,000 and 40,000 years old. Scientists suggest that the creatures found died after falling into a trap set by people.

These bones will help reveal how Stone Age people hunted mammoths.

"We know that people hunted mammoths at that time, but we still don't fully understand how they did it. This is the first time such a find has been studied using modern methods," Parow-Souchon said.

The last time a similar discovery was made in Austria was 150 years ago, also in the Krems area. After the archaeological work is completed, the remains of the mammoths will be given to the Natural History Museum in Vienna.

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