Fun and Crazy Glasses Design (17 Photos)

22 May 2024

It would seem, what’s wrong with those glasses? There are sunscreens, there are ones for vision. I inserted the lenses into the frame and went. Well, the price will depend on the logo of a brand. But this is an incredibly boring take on this fashion accessory. Designers work to fulfill the desires of the most extravagant fashionistas. The end result was such a crazy avant-garde that it was even cool. Let's take a look at these creations.

Glasses hands


For those who have opened their third eye

Miniature hearts

Space glasses

Non-fashionistas don't understand

Well, to Mars?

Glasses for complete privacy

When you really love a specific luxury brand

With these glasses you will definitely be the center of attention.

It seems that the designer was inspired to create this accessory by old CDs. The only element of the design that is not fully understood is the bridge near the mouth. I wonder if it has any practical applications?

Toothy design

Glasses in the form of jewelry or jewelry in the form of glasses?

Something on alien

Oakley Over the Top sunglasses, which were incredibly popular in the US in the 2000s

By the way, the exact same glasses were worn by Juni Cortez in the movie “Spy Kids.”

Cyborg style

Oakley Medusa sunglasses paired with a cool cyberpunk mask

Glasses that would make even Lady Gaga jealous

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