How at the beginning of the 19th century they provided themselves with life in 2000 (21 photos)

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22 May 2024

What is 100 years? Well, in essence, this is one human life, there is the expression “human century”. But everyone understands perfectly well that this concept is very flexible. God grant that I live to be 80 years old, let alone a hundred. But one way or another, a century is a grain of sand from the point of view of history. But how important and monumental it is for us - little ants on a tiny blue ball in space. We present to your attention a cute series of postcards called "France in 2000". It was created back in the 1890-1900s. The artists in them tried to imagine life in 100 years. Let's see what they imagined. Spoiler: they guessed almost nothing.

The pictures were originally commissioned by Armand Gervais (a French toy manufacturer in Lyon) for the 1900 World's Fair in Paris. The first fifty paper cards were made by artist Jean-Marc Côté and were intended to be inserted into cigarette packs and then distributed as postcards.

At school

Books are literally pumped into children's heads.

Video calling


The firefighters have arrived!

Underwater cafe

Underwater whale carrier

Fantasies about flying cars accessible to everyone already existed at the end of the 19th century.

Where there are flying cars, there are traffic police officers floating in the air

Fully automated construction

The quirky Paris-Beijing train

Scary mechanized barbershops

Scout motorcyclists

Probably the most noisy scouts in history.

Underwater fish racing


Air taxi parking

River walks

Latest technologies in agriculture

Robot cleaner

Study of microbes

Automated orchestra controlled by one person

Air tennis

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