An American university awarded a cat a Doctor of Science degree (3 photos + 1 video)

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22 May 2024

Max the cat lives on the university campus and is a loyal friend to all students.

The University of Vermont awarded an honorary doctorate in literature to student-loved cat Max on the eve of his graduation.

The Castleton University of Vermont campus pet has earned everyone's love thanks to his special friendliness.

“Max the cat has been an important member of the Castleton family for many years,” the statement said.

The well-known tabby cat lives with his human family in a building near the main entrance to campus.

"He came to campus one day and just decided to stay. And the students loved him," said one student.

The cat has been on campus for about four years, and students are delighted when they see him. They hug Max, take selfies with him, and he even enjoys going on field trips with future students.

“It’s not clear how he knows where to go, but he’s doing great,” the students say.

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