Northern Ireland has decided to thoroughly combat farting cows (3 photos)

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22 May 2024

And no, not with chops and changes in diet to reduce fermentation in the gastrointestinal tract of cows, but with the most effective method - slaughter.

The government has calculated that local cows fart an awful lot and release an incredible amount of carbon dioxide. And farmers raise and raise these cows.

So the government decided to incentivize farmers with payments so that they would reduce the age at which livestock is slaughtered. Thus, reducing the number of livestock and saving the planet from emissions. They won’t let everyone go under the knife, but they strongly recommend leaving only young animals. Reducing the number of old, non-breeding animals on a farm will help improve overall farm productivity while reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from farms.

The program will provide farmers with funding of £75 per eligible animal slaughtered.

The program will initially be implemented over a four-year period and will encourage a gradual reduction in the age at slaughter each year. The age at slaughter should be reduced from 30 months in the first year to 26 months in 2027.

The scheme encourages farmers to reduce the slaughter age of pure beef cattle over a four-year phased implementation period.

Payments are available to those who meet the targets.

Farms only need to register once to participate in the BCR from 2024. If a business has registered, it will receive a BCR payment each subsequent year, subject to meeting the conditions for participation in that year.

If farming businesses register and do not have eligible animals within that year, no penalties will apply.

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