The Japanese painted cows to look like zebras. Because it is necessary (5 photos)

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21 March 2024

Painting cows brighter is no longer the prerogative of Hindus. They paint not only cows, but also dogs as tigers on farms. The Japanese have adopted the precious experience of repainting some animals as others.

Why make a zebra out of a cow?

Farmers in Yamagata Prefecture are tormented by the fact that their cows are suffering from bloodsuckers, mooing and running across the field from them. This also greatly affects the rate of reproduction of offspring.

Then scientists offered them a brilliant solution - to paint the cows in an unusual color so that the insects would not recognize them.

Photo from a Japanese farmer on social media. networks

Yamagata is the region where wagyu is produced - one of the most expensive and tender beef in the world, so the cows here are treasured. And they repaint it not like a fence, but with love.

How to properly paint your cow

Since the cow will be eaten, it is important to choose non-toxic dyes. Farmers say they paint with mild bleach and spray paint.

And they paint it as a zebra not because the midges don’t eat zebras, but because the stripes imply that the skin is not completely covered. And this is more careful, and less paint is wasted.

What kind of insects are there, even my brain is short-circuited, what kind of animal is this!

And also because Wagyu is made from Japanese black cows, it traditionally has a black skin.

And you know... it works! The experiments were carried out for three years, and farmers noted that striped cattle attracted significantly fewer flies and gadflies than cattle with traditional skin color.

Benchmark comparison test

Indian tiger dogs to scare wolves away from farms

The matter was approached truly scientifically. Unpainted cows were placed in one open pen, and zebra-painted cows in the other. The scientists recorded the behavior of the two herds with cameras around the clock and recorded any nervous behavior - shaking their tail to ward off flies, jumping to escape from a swarm of flies.

The conclusion is amazing! On average, cows from an unpainted herd were bitten 16 times per minute, while cows from a zebra-dyed herd were bitten only 5 times per minute!

And in India, cows' horns are painted with luminous paint so that motorcyclists will stop crashing into them at night.

The scientific paper based on these experiments and studies has not yet been released, but farmers have already said that "the improvements are obvious." And the result for animals is more important to them than prizes and international recognition of scientists.

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