The mystery of the depths of the Davelis Cave (10 photos + 1 video)

22 May 2024

In Penteli, 40 kilometers north of Athens, there is a cave full of mysteries. About the Davelis Cave they say that the water here flows up the slope, that the electronics in it seem to turn off, and that many explorers of its depths have never returned.

These and many other strange incidents have created a reputation as a dangerous and scary place.

Cave in history

The Davelis Cave was first discovered by accident in the 5th century BC. Greek workers were quarrying local marble nearby when they came across the entrance. The cave is located on the slope of Mount Penteli, which was a convenient place for extracting marble for construction.

The find was named later. This happened in the 19th century, when a robber named Davelis chose this cave as his refuge and, according to rumors, hid treasure in its depths.

This use was not unusual, and it often served as a refuge. The cave was once also a gathering place for adherents of the god Pan. It consists of a huge number of tunnels leading to the lake in the very center.

During excavations, archaeologists discovered ceramics depicting Pan and his nymphs. The ancient treasures are now kept in museums as evidence of the importance of this place.

In the Middle Ages, Christian hermits used the cave as a holy place. They built a small church at the entrance, dedicated to two saints - Nicholas and Spyridon.


There are endless stories of paranormal activities that have occurred here. There are stories of strange electromagnetic phenomena, of water flowing in different directions at different times, even uphill.

There are also stories of explorers getting lost in the labyrinthine tunnels of the cave system. There are other stories, such as a tiny handprint found at the entrance.

Many people talk about strange phenomena or unusual occurrences, but there is no evidence of this. Therefore, lovers of mysteries and extreme sports prefer to go there and experience everything for themselves. It is a popular hiking destination and many people come there just to enjoy the view. But not everyone is ready to visit the mysterious attraction itself.

Government intervention

In the 1980s, the Greek government, drawing attention to the mysterious events around the cave, closed it to the general public. The government explained this by saying that they were preparing the tunnels inside the complex to make them safer. But it seems that the authorities actually wanted to prevent mysterious disappearances and other dangers.

Ghost Hunt

In 2015, Dimitrios Makridopoulos, an amateur enthusiast interested in the occult, decided to conduct his own research. He decided to visit the cave, taking with him a “box of spirits.” The spirit box is a device of his own invention that supposedly facilitates communication with spirits using radio waves. Makridopoulos also used an infrared camera inside to capture anything unusual.

Makridopoulos reported that the moment he and his friends entered the cave, he lost control of his five senses. The spirit box activated and apparently picked up sounds similar to children's angelic chants in ancient Greek. Makridopoulos identified this singing as a pixie tongue.

He also claimed that the infrared camera he used recorded some ghostly images when they reached the center. The image showed a dark background and a tiny creature hovering at the entrance to the central tunnel. This finally provided evidence of the supernatural in the cave system.

But there are still many skeptics of the claims and evidence offered by paranormal investigators. Of course, there are scientific explanations for the electromagnetic phenomenon observed in the cave, which convincingly refutes all evidence of the paranormal. But still, some observers believe that something may be hidden inside that is not yet amenable to rational explanation.

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