Two trains collided in Argentina (5 photos + 2 videos)

16 May 2024

60 people were seriously injured, more than 90 people were injured in total.

The tragedy occurred on 10.05 at 10:31 in the Palermo area above the viaduct at the height of Alcorta Avenue, located on the route to Dorrego and Figueroa-Alcorta. A train on the San Martín line, carrying passengers bound for Pilar, collided with a locomotive and an empty box car that had previously carried materials for railway work.

The passengers were urgently evacuated, and the wounded were taken to the hospitals of Fernandez, Pirovano, Rivadavia, Santoyanni, Duran, Torna, Ramos Mejía. and Gutierrez. There are no fatalities. - said official sources.

As LA NACION learned, after the collision there was an explosion and a fuel leak. Among the injured, 60 people were treated on the spot, and 31 with a code red, including the driver, were hospitalized. It was also stated that the bridge, which runs over Figueroa Alcorta Avenue, is in “unstable condition.”

The initial investigation revealed that the locomotive and freight cars were parked on the tracks in the middle of the bridge and that a passenger train traveling on the dedicated track was unable to brake to avoid a collision.

According to official sources, two hypotheses are being considered: theft of signal system cables and a failure in modulation between stations, that is, lack of communication with the passenger train to ensure safe movement. In other words, due to broken wires and human error.

Porteño government chief Jorge Macri arrived at the scene a few minutes after the accident. There, speaking to the press, he indicated that all the victims were evacuated within “40 minutes.”

Jorge Macri records a message regarding the train tragedy

Railroad chief Omar Maturano said there was "deterioration" and "insecurity" in the rail service.

“We have been demanding repairs for ten days now, but there are no spare parts. There is a complete degradation of the company. There is not only a shortage of spare parts for signaling, but also for trains.

When you don't have signals, you are given a permit so you can take the road, notice. Let's assume that we are in Rosario. They tell you: ‘You have a clear path from Rosario to Cañada de Gomez.’ You know you are going and you don’t have a train occupying the area, you are going on a clear path,” he explained.

The guild member also noted that in such cases the driver must proceed with caution, since San Martin line workers accomplish their tasks by "waving a green flag or a piece of paper."

“The driver, who was traveling with passengers, was given a written right of way, and he was not aware that there was a locomotive on this track.”

“Ten days ago, signal wires were reported stolen” on these tracks, the guild member pointed out, but Trainos Argentinos “did not repair it” on the grounds that there were no spare parts.

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