The schoolchildren continued to play football, not paying attention to their parents' fight

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14 May 2024

During a children's football match in Catalonia, a conflict occurred between parents. A verbal altercation began, which quickly escalated into a fight.

A children's football match among players under the age of eight, organized recently in Spanish Catalonia, was overshadowed by a fight among the parents of the athletes.

According to local media, the clash occurred due to a controversial decision of a football referee. Some of the parents tried to inflict bodily harm on the referee, while the opposing side defended the referee. It is noteworthy that the young offspring did not pay attention to the brawl and continued the game.

According to the police, after the meeting of the Center d'Esports Sabadell football club in the Catalan League match with the Escola Fubol Base Ripollet team, their department did not receive any complaints, so it was decided not to conduct an official investigation into the incident.

Local officials still set themselves the task of identifying some of the parents involved in the mass brawl. Meanwhile, both clubs criticized the brawl in statements on social media. Team representatives promised to conduct an internal investigation to determine exactly what happened and punish those responsible. In addition, both clubs emphasized their commitment to eradicating violence in football.

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