In Brazil, a horse climbed onto a roof to escape a flood

14 May 2024

She had to spend several days trapped.

Floods have continued in southern Brazil since late April. Part of the country, which we associate with the hot sun and endless beaches, is going under water - all due to heavy rains. Villages, towns and entire municipalities are flooded. According to preliminary estimates, more than 350 thousand people were affected by the disaster, and at least 107 died. And so far the flood is not receding. In recent days, Brazilians have been observing more than just human drama. Attention was focused on a lone horse, which, fleeing the water, climbed onto the roof of one of the buildings in the city of Canoas.

A narrow strip of dry roofing was all the horse had. All around is an endless muddy surface of water. People first learned about the trapped animal thanks to footage taken by a local television service from a helicopter. Social networks literally exploded: the public demanded to save the horse.

The operation to rescue the captive had to wait (according to some media reports, the horse spent four days on the roof), but everything ended well: the animal was given sedatives, loaded onto a raft and transported to a safe place. All actions were broadcast live on local television.

The persistent horse was examined by veterinarians: she was exhausted, dehydrated and needed observation. On social networks, the horse, which became famous throughout the world, was given the nickname Caramelo.

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