The 3rd Special Brigade captured the deputy company commander and senior sergeant of the 752nd regiment of Russian troops in the Lugansk region

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13 May 2024
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The third assault brigade captured the deputy company commander and senior sergeant of the 752nd regiment of the Russian Federation. This happened near Raigorodok, Lugansk region. This was reported by Censor.NET with reference to the brigade’s press center.

As noted, the Russians were captured near the settlement. Raigorodok in the Lugansk region, soldiers of the 2nd mechanized battalion. According to the brigade, during an attempt to storm our forward positions, the enemy was defeated, and 28 occupiers were irretrievably destroyed.

“These two were lucky to survive and they believed that they were going to consolidate. Although, in the opinion of their commanders, it was more likely to be “zeroed,” the message says.

Previously, Censor.NET published a video that recorded how soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, with the help of a UAV, captured a Russian military man. The occupier followed the commands and reached the trenches of our soldiers.

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