American car dealers surprised buyers with markups on new cars (7 photos)

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10 May 2024

Car dealers from the USA who began to compete with each other to see who could add more to the price of new Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs.

Toyota Land Cruiser officially returned to the American market in February, when the concern published local price lists. However, limited supplies and a shortage of cars in stock allow dealers to experiment with prices, setting impressive premiums. According to the local press, recently a copy was discovered for the first time, valued by a dealer at more than $100 thousand, that is, $30,000 more than the official price.

Car dealerships began selling the Land Cruiser J250 with significant markups almost immediately after the appearance of “live” cars, but until now, the increases to the official price, as journalists calculated, ranged from 15 to 21 thousand dollars. Meanwhile, one of Toyota's representatives in Virginia put up a top-end SUV for sale for $107,169, with a factory price of $77,169 including taxes and delivery costs. The markup has already been called colossal, and the dealer’s behavior shocking.

It is assumed that the sellers decided to make extra money, relying on two factors at once: the return of the cult model to the local market and the general current passion for various SUVs, which ensured, for example, the success of the Ford Bronco. The co-platform Lexus GX is officially sold in the USA, but the Land Cruiser, in fact, has become a more budget alternative, which also fueled the demand for the model. According to experts, markups will return to acceptable levels as the market becomes saturated.

It is noteworthy that in its homeland, Japan, the Land Cruiser J250 costs significantly less. For the basic version they ask for 5.2 million yen (about 34 thousand dollars), while in the USA prices start from 55.9 thousand. To a certain extent, the discrepancy can be explained by the fact that in the home market the SUV is offered with classic atmospheric engines or turbodiesel, while for ocean Land Cruiser J250 is available only as a hybrid with a 2.4 petrol turbo engine.

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