A Chinese zoo has repainted its dogs and invited visitors to see a “new species of panda” (3 photos + 1 video)

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10 May 2024

The deception was revealed, but not immediately.

The Chinese zoo in Taizhou decided to attract new customers. As you know, pandas are very popular in China and zoo visitors are simply delighted with these cute bears. However, the Taizhou Zoo had neither the money nor the opportunity to purchase a panda, so they decided to use a trick.

Zoo staff painted chow chow puppies black and white and called them “a new species of panda.” Oddly enough, it even worked for several days - in the first days of May, the zoo received several tens of thousands of visitors, which is quite good for a visit price of 20 yuan.

The deception came to light after photos of pandas appeared on social networks. Many immediately realized that these were not pandas at all, but painted dogs. This caused a huge wave of discontent. People accused the zoo not only of deception, but also of cruelty to animals, The Sun reports. The paint used on dogs can be toxic and may harm puppies.

Taizhou Zoo later admitted that the "fake pandas" were actually dyed chow chow puppies, but no one wanted to deceive anyone. The dogs were painted for the national holiday, the zoo assured.

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