New research: aliens travel through space on meteorites (3 photos)

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26 April 2024

According to the panspermia hypothesis, life was brought to Earth from space. So, aliens can travel on meteorites and silently colonize the galaxy.

Searching for alien life is not an easy task, especially when you don't have a clear idea of what you're looking for. However, astronomers Harrison B. Smith and Lana Sinapayen decided to focus not on what humanoids might look like, but on what they might do to survive.

If one exoplanet proves uninhabitable, an organism capable of panspermia will try to originate elsewhere. And this can be done by flying in on meteorites or other celestial bodies, the pair writes in a new study.

There is speculation that life forms such as extremophiles can survive exposure to the conditions of outer space.

With the advent of the “settlers,” the new planet will begin to change and begin to resemble their home planet. For example, there is much more oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere today than before the origin of life.

The species would try to make the same changes on every planet they encountered.

Smith and Sinapayen came to the conclusion that they needed to look for a group of planets with similar characteristics. This may indicate that they are colonized by the same species.

Scientists are confident in life's ability to "find a way." An attempt to create life on one planet may fail, but may succeed on another.

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