The Polish cow wanted adventure, so she ran away from the lord to the bison who took care of her (6 photos)

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24 April 2024

In the Polish village of Skupovo, an unprecedented thing happened - a cow left the pen through a hole in the fence and found a new family. She ran not into the field, but into a herd of large bison. She clearly has no plans to return to her old home. But the owner of the animal did not dare to go to visit the bison to get his property, because he did not want to tempt fate and their anger.

Life, like a cow, must be milked tenderly, and not scolded!

The funny situation interested not only idle onlookers, but also scientists. So the Polish biologist, ornithologist and author of books Adam Zbirit was the first to understand this issue. Seeing a herd of bison from afar, the researcher noticed that one “family member” stood out from the crowd with its small size and reddish coloring. Taking the binoculars in his hands, he was dumbfounded - it was not a strange red bison, but an ordinary average cow. This has never happened before in his practice! Miracles, and that’s all!

Despite being in such an unusual and wild company, the cow looked healthy, happy and well-fed. Many bet that at the end of November - beginning of December she would return to the warm “father’s” barn. But the plans were not destined to come true! The fugitive stayed to “hang out” with the bison!

Many scientists were confident that a domestic animal would not be able to survive for a long period in the harsh conditions of a wild herd. Buryonka proved the opposite! Why she swapped the Polish gentleman's stall for wild travels is not yet clear to scientists. Perhaps she is an adventurer at heart? Well, anything can happen!

Biologists are concerned about a possible nuance: that the bison’s “party” might not end with interspecific mating. Because bison are much larger than cows, and the latter simply cannot stand the courtship of such a “baby.” If, after all, such a miracle is born safely, then this may negatively affect the future population of wild bulls.

There is only one reassurance - the cow is at a very young age and has not yet reached childbearing age. Maybe she will gain some sense and return home safe and sound.

This fascinating story also revealed the fact that the fugitive was raised specifically for slaughter. Maybe her inner instinct told her that it was time to “make her legs” and “tick” while she was alive? The owner of the cow tried to return the defector, but nothing worked out for him. The bison protect their new friend and do not let anyone get within a kilometer of her.

The adventurer also gave a free hand to the other animals on this farm. After her disappearance, several more cows ran away, although not far away, and the farmer managed to return the disobedient ones. The owner of the heroine of the story does not lose hope that the mooing adventurer will travel and return home. Time will show!

The shaggy bison is huge and horned!

As for bison, today there are about 5 thousand of them on the planet. More than half of them live in natural reserves in areas protected by people.

In the future, to avoid inbreeding, scientists plan to crossbreed bison with bison for their genetic well-being. It is much easier to preserve wild animal species in their natural habitat than it is to take a long and difficult time to restore the population later. Let's hope that the story of the runaway cow will end positively for everyone. A unique case!

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20 May 2024
Зуброн — це гібридна тварина самця європейського зубра та самиці домашньої корови. Після Першої світової війни багато європейців вважали, що зуброни замінять домашню худобу, адже вони надзвичайно стійкі до хвороб. Сьогодні програма з розведення зубронів не діє, залишилося лише єдине стадо цих гібридів, що складається з декількох особин. Воно живе в Національному парку Білорусії Біловезька пуща.
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