A resident of Orsk criticized the mayor of the flooded city for inaction

24 April 2024

“Are you sitting in clean pants, is your son in Dubai? Why did my husband die?”

A resident of Orsk criticized the mayor of the city, Vasily Kozupitsa, reproaching him for the fact that he “is sitting in clean pants” and has “a son in Dubai,” while those affected by the flood have been walking for two weeks “without money, without everything.”

As Censor.NET reports, in a video published on the social network, a resident of Orsk, addressing Kozupitsa, says that she did not receive any help. “Why did my husband die? Because you covered your ass here? And stood there, blushing,” she shouted.

“And you are sitting, everything is fine with you! Have a conscience. You are in a white shirt, and we walk for two weeks without money, without everything! Why did your husband die? Because you are sitting in clean pants, and your son is in Dubai? Aren’t you ashamed?” the Russian woman was indignant.

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