She was only 14 years old: the strange romance of Elvis and Priscilla (18 photos)

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22 April 2024

If you type the names Elvis and Priscilla Presley into the search bar, you will see many articles with the words “great love”, “romance”, “best couple” and so on. But for some reason, these articles diligently avoid the fact that at the time of their meeting the girl was 14 years old, and the star was 24 years old...

It’s probably worth starting with a definition that recently began to be used in a new meaning - “grooming”. Pet owners probably know him, because many take their pets to grooming salons to have their fur combed. But in essence, grooming is translated as “to look after”, “to groom”. And this word has recently begun to be used in cases where an adult “cares” for a child in order to gain his trust and commit sexualized (and other) violence against him. Grooming has several stages - more on them below.

The King's strange relationship with his mother

Elvis with his mother

I would also like to touch a little on Elvis Presley’s strange relationship with his mother, which, according to many, had a serious influence on him.

Her name was Gladys. She was expecting not one child, but two twins. Unfortunately, one died during childbirth, which was tragic for Gladys. She looked after her only son, Elvis, with all her might: she always took her to school herself, protected her from the attacks of hooligans, and for 19 years they never parted for a day. Until the age of 17, the son slept with his mother in the same bed. It was not only the poverty in which the Presleys lived, but also the fact that mommy was not ready to part with her beloved son even for a minute.

Elvis with his parents

And then, when Presley became a real star, he called his mother every day, despite 20 concerts a month in different cities. And Gladys kept repeating to his friends:

"Elvis has bad habits. I'm relying on you to take care of my boy. Make sure he takes money out of his pockets when he puts things in the laundry, and watch him at night: he's a sleepwalker."

When Gladys died of a heart attack in 1958, Elvis howled at the funeral and could not be torn away from the coffin. Mom was a deity for him, a real idol, and their connection was too strong.

And soon after the death of his mother, Elvis met Priscilla, who was very similar to her...

Stage One: Beginning of Communication and Isolation

Priscilla before meeting Elvis

At a party in Wiesbaden in 1959, 14-year-old Priscilla Beaulieu happened to be there. Her father was a Navy pilot who died in a plane crash when the baby was not even a year old. The girl and her five half-brothers and sisters were raised by her stepfather, Captain Paul Beaulieu. Like all military families, they moved frequently until they settled in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Elvis was called up for military service in March 1958 and, having completed military training, went to the base of the third tank division, located just in West Germany.

Elvis and Priscilla met and the young man began to clearly attract the girl’s attention. There, at the party, he sat down at the piano and began to play. Then he sang Are You Lonesome Tonight for Priscilla and she could not believe that Elvis Presley himself was trying to please her.

The singer, by the way, did not see any problem with such an age difference. Or rather, it didn’t bother him that he was an adult and she was a child. He was confident that he could turn Priscilla into the ideal woman. They chatted all evening and even exchanged phone numbers, although the girl did not believe that Elvis would call her. But Priscilla was wrong - after a couple of days Elvis called her and invited her to his place.

“I swear I will never do anything that could harm you. I will treat you like a sister,” said the king of rock and roll.

And it was true - he raised her to a certain pedestal, protected and cared for her, constantly swearing eternal love. At the same time, he told his friend Rex Mansfield that Priscilla was “young enough for me to mold her into what I want.”

Priscilla's parents were initially shocked by their daughter's affair with Elvis. And they even tried to keep the girl at home so that she would not meet with him. But in the end, Presley came to them for dinner, smart, in military uniform, was polite and convinced his parents that he had the most serious intentions regarding Priscilla. Amazingly, the parents agreed, specifying that their girl needed to finish school.

However, they separated, and Priscilla wrote letters to him. Then she heard a rumor about Elvis’s affair with Nancy Sinatra (by the way, also a teenage girl), and Presley himself gradually reduced communication to nothing.

But suddenly, two years later, the singer showed up and invited Priscilla to come to him in Los Angeles. It didn’t take long to convince Captain Beaulieu, and on the eve of her coming of age, Priscilla went to visit her beloved for the holidays.

In 1962, she finally moved to him in Memphis - Presley's family home. The couple hid their relationship so that the fans would not rebel and... Elvis did not lay a finger on Priscilla until their wedding night. And when she started having problems with her school grades, he started feeding her some “vitamins” so that she would be more alert and not sleep in class.

In fact, these were drugs that the singer himself began using in the army. Of course, there was no need to tell anyone about this. At the same time, he told her about his relationship with his mother and how hard it was still for him without her, how he loved Gladys and that he always felt her invisible presence.

Presley's career was then rapidly climbing the mountain, and he was constantly on tour. Priscilla was very lonely, she had no friends, and she was not allowed to leave the house unnecessarily so that the paparazzi would not see her.

Rarely, Elvis could pick her up at school and take her to Los Angeles, where filming was going on at that time.

On Christmas Eve 1966, he proposed to Priscilla.

Stage three: Normalization of physical contact

Everything was still kept in terrible secret. Before marriage.

At midnight on May 1, 1967, Priscilla and Elvis flew to Las Vegas on Frank Sinatra's private jet. At three o'clock in the morning they got married in a hotel room in the presence of 14 people. Later there was the first dance of the newlyweds to the Love me tender, a small press conference and a festive breakfast for a hundred guests. And finally, the first wedding night. Elvis did not actually have sexual contact with Priscilla during this time.

Thanks to his mother, he developed a Madonna-harlot complex: for him, all women in the world were divided into those with whom one could have sexual relations (harlots) and those who were pure, immaculate and created for marriage and having children (Madonna). So, of course, he did not sleep with Pricilla, but this did not stop him from enjoying the fame and love of other women all this time. Men with such a complex are capable of experiencing real passion only for harlots.

Exactly nine months after their marriage, Priscilla gave birth to a daughter named Lisa Marie Presley. The singer’s young wife said that he was a caring and gentle father. He spared nothing for his daughter, and when he bought his own plane in 1975, he named it “Lisa Marie”.

Stage Four: Trying to portray inappropriate behavior as something natural.

But everything was bad in the relationship between Priscilla and Elvis. It is worth recalling that even before the birth of the child, Elvis completely subjugated Priscilla: she wore the clothes that he liked, she combed her hair and dyed her hair the way he wanted, she behaved only in the way that was right in the opinion of the king of rock and roll. She was a housewife, a mother, a wife, but she was definitely not herself. Priscilla became a kind of expensive and beautiful accessory for Presley, which he, as he wanted, “raised for himself.”

But after the appearance of Lisa Marie, the physical intimacy between Elvis and Priscilla ceased. Priscilla recalled that even before the wedding, Elvis casually mentioned that he would not be able to have sexual relations with someone who had a child, because she was a mother. She is the same Madonna who cannot be discredited by sex. Priscilla recalled feeling empty and unsure of herself as a woman.

Presley left the house and had his own life there. He stopped being interested in his wife, spent more time with friends and... new girlfriends. Priscilla simply went crazy from this and tried to pretend that she did not notice the fleeting adultery. And Elvis continued to live his star life, telling his wife that this was the way of life, what to do. And you sit, dear, take care of your hair and grow your daughter, look how beautiful your golden cage is.

But everything has a limit. In 1972, an exhausted Priscilla said she couldn’t do this anymore and was leaving him. And she added that she also cheated on him - with a karate instructor. Presley was beside himself with anger and even wanted to hire a hitman to kill his rival, but then they were able to dissuade him.

And besides his attitude towards his wife, everything got worse. Elvis was quite hot-tempered, he could shoot at the TV if he didn’t like someone there. Not to mention his addiction to various kinds of drugs.

After their divorce, Elvis and Priscilla walked out of the courtroom hand in hand

The divorce was formalized in 1973. Priscilla was only 28 years old at that time. She lived with Elvis exactly as old as she was when they met.

Priscilla received a number of Presley's assets and monthly maintenance for herself and the child for 10 years. The relationship between them remained friendly, and Priscilla never limited the communication between father and daughter.

In 1984, Priscilla remarried Marco Garibaldi, an Italian screenwriter, and three years later they had a son. The daughter of Elvis Presley and Priscilla died in 2023 from cardiac arrest.

Priscilla continues to claim that despite the divorce, Elvis' death was a blow to her. She never got rid of her attachment to an adult guy who once played for her at a party.

"I had to learn more about the world. I didn't have adolescence like a normal girl, and I just followed what he did and repeated it. I didn't have my own life, and I kind of lost myself." .

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