Where China's pensioners are crawling (4 photos + 1 video)

13 April 2024

For a couple of years now, China has been crawling like a crocodile. Mostly older people who are taking care of their health, but there are also young people. This new exercise, which was invented by a Chinese trainer, is called the “crocodile walk”.

First of all it reminds me of the movie The Human Centipede

It was not possible to find out exactly which trainer came up with this technique, because crocodile outbreaks began to appear simultaneously in large cities such as Xiangshan and Changsha.

Lines of 40 to 80 people crawl somewhere in the park, the main rule is to crawl for at least 40 months so that all the muscles are trained and warmed up.

To practice this sport, you do not need any equipment, except for thick gloves on your hands so as not to rub off the skin of your palms. This kind of crawling strengthens the back muscles and relieves back pain if done regularly, say crawl participants.

When I saw that they were also crawling in a circle, I couldn’t resist and grunted with laughter

One of the trainers of such chains, Li Wei from Xiangshan, said that after 8 months of practicing this technique, his back pain completely disappeared.

The average age of such a human crocodile is 50 years old, the oldest crawling participant is 69 years old. Can't help but command respect. And there are chains of 80 people, it’s amazing how many people without complexes gather in the park in the morning.

Essentially, this is the combination of several groups of exercises in one action: push-ups, walking, stretching. And it is stretching with force that reduces pressure on the intervertebral disc.

The main disadvantage of “crocodile exercise” is that this exercise quickly increases blood pressure, so it should not be done by people with heart disease and diabetes.

I am a crocodile, I crocodile and will crocodile, say the Chinese aunties!

Remember, I wrote about how the Chinese hang anywhere in the park, like hanged people? Here I don’t even know what is more dangerous - crocodile or hanging by your own weight from your neck? Still, crawling somewhere in the park in a group is somehow safer. On the other hand, the old man’s blood pressure will skyrocket and he will be taken away in an ambulance.

It’s quite difficult to crawl like this, I tried it, but the load on the heart quickly increases. But if you train, you can really pump up your legs and arms very well, and it’s not as boring as doing a plank.

Meanwhile, in other Chinese parks, things are happening...

Would you crocodile in good company in the park?

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