A collection of 430 relics was discovered in a Chinese tomb (4 photos)

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13 April 2024

In Shanxi province, they studied a tomb that belonged to a noble woman. The age of the burial is about 3000 years.

The tomb, designated M1033, was found in the Dahekou Cemetery in Yicheng County. Since 2007, more than 600 burials and 20 pits for chariots and horses have also been discovered here. The excavations shed light on the existence of the Ba state, which was not mentioned in the historical texts of the Western Zhou era (1046 - 770 BC). Records at Dahekou Cemetery indicate that the dynasty was called Ba 霸 and the ruler was Ba Bo.

Considering that at this time most of the province was under the control of the Jin Empire, the find is of great value to scientists.

According to Xie Yaoting, head of the archaeological team, the tomb itself is medium in size and also contains the remains of a sacrificed animal.

The tomb belonged to a noble woman aged 31 to 34 years.

The burial contained a collection of 430 objects that can be divided into 93 groups, including bronze items, ceramics, and jade artifacts.

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