16 buildings that have received a new life (17 photos)

13 April 2024

It happens that buildings may lose their original functionality. There may be various reasons for this: for example, in old factories, after the transition to more modern equipment, large areas may be empty. However, this happens not only with factories; many premises wear out over time and begin to be used for other purposes.

An old supermarket was converted into a library

Barcelona Library, which was built on the site of a former reservoir

The Botanical Garden of Madrid is located on the territory of the old railway station

House in what was once an olive factory, Italy

Supermarket in a former bank vault

A 13th-century Gothic church in the Dutch city of Maastricht has been turned into a bookshop.

Old synagogue turned into a cafe, Trnava, Slovakia

Supermarket in the old theater of Venice

The second life of an old telephone booth: now it is a flower bed

Very cool rescue of an old barn: now it's a bar

An old Scottish temple turned into a cozy apartment

Another bookstore in a church, this time in the English city of Bradford

A covered parking lot in the American city of Wichita has become a residential building with 44 apartments

Old grain elevators converted into rock climbing center in Oklahoma City

The minibus was turned into a house in which you can now travel

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