How does a woman live who hasn’t eaten for 16 years (7 photos)

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13 April 2024

Australian native Ellen Greve has proven from her own experience that a person can lead a full life without eating physical food.

Ellen, better known in the world under the name Jasmukhin, is a well-known proponent of “pranic nutrition” or “pranic nutrition” (“sun eating”), whose adherents claim that a person is able to feed exclusively on the energy of the sun for an unlimited time.

Jasmukhin herself claims that for more than 15 years she has been consuming no more than 300 calories a day, and draws vital energy from “cosmic particles”, which she calls prana (hence, in fact, the name of the movement). True, she still cannot live without water for a long time.

According to Jasmuheen, not everyone has the ability to consume and digest sunlight, but everyone can learn it. And, I must say, her theory, like many other strange things on our planet, did find its adherents and followers. It is thanks to their support that Jasmukhin travels around the world, gives lectures, participates in conferences of the New Age movement (religion of the “new age”), maintains several communities of spiritualist hermits in Thailand, and also publishes books and audio recordings.

According to Jasmuheen herself, her teachings are aimed at helping people satisfy hunger on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The woman also claims that she can teach everyone to control their own consciousness, and encourages everyone to direct the power of their thoughts to create images of the desired future.

It is clear that “solar eating” is a very controversial doctrine, and has been criticized more than once. Well, a normal person cannot do without food at all. This is impossible! That is why Jasmukhin agreed to an offer from an Australian television program to film her unique ability to do without food at all.

After 48 hours of the experiment, Jasmuheen experienced severe dehydration, stress and hypertension. Another day later, Jasmukhin’s speech slowed down, her pupils dilated, and she lost about 6 kg in weight. Subsequently, Jasmuheen's condition continued to deteriorate due to severe dehydration, and it was decided to stop the experiment, as it posed a threat to her life.

Although the woman herself stated that her condition was the result of “polluted air.” Draw your own conclusions...

Currently, Jasmukhin continues to practice pranic nutrition, that is, supposedly feeding on the energy of the sun, and answers skeptics: “Man has fangs. But this does not mean that he should tear raw meat with his teeth. If you want to live simply, eat ordinary food; if you want to improve, avoid it.”

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