An American woman poisoned her husband with bleach for several months (5 photos + 1 video)

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11 April 2024
Caution! The post contains shocking material. Make sure you really want to see it and you are over 18 years old.

During the trial, Melody Felicano Johnson admitted her guilt. In early 2023, a military wife twice added a deadly chemical to her coffee. At that time, the couple had already decided to divorce, but still lived together at the pilot's duty station in Germany and Arizona.

Robie Johnson noticed his coffee tasted strange while serving in Germany last March.

Melody knew that her husband prepared the coffee pot in the evening so that he could simply turn it on and brew a drink in the morning. Suspecting something was wrong, the man began to pretend to drink coffee.

Returning to Arizona, Roby installed hidden cameras in the house to catch his wife red-handed.

On July 16, Melody poured liquid from a large bottle of bleach into a smaller container in the laundry room. A moment later, a camera in the kitchen captured the woman pouring the contents of the container into the coffee maker.

A little later, Robi himself appeared in the frame. He tested the water in the device to gather more evidence for the police and said, "You can smell it even from a distance."

He also tested the water for impurities. “Look at this,” he said, pulling a test strip out of the coffee maker. “The color has changed.”

Johnson turned over the video footage to the Tucson Police Department, and Melody was arrested on July 18.

The pilot believes that his wife tried to kill him in order to collect insurance payments.

The verdict will be handed down on May 10. The woman faces up to two years in prison. However, she can be released directly from the courtroom, since the minimum sentence is four months, and she has already served this term in custody.

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