There is never too much good: 27 giants and giants of all stripes (28 photos)

11 April 2024

Get ready for photos of huge representatives of both living and inanimate nature (and also the creations of human hands) - we are going on a journey through the Absolute Units subreddit, where people share examples of “big things” that truly surprised them.

1. Hyperion, the world's tallest living tree, is a sequoia in Redwood National Park, California. Height 116 m

2. “That brown bear! It is estimated that its weight exceeds 360 kg."

3. “The head of cauliflower that my parents grew in their garden.”

4. “My puppy”

5. "Calcium oxalate stone removed from a patient's kidney"

6The Largest Leaf Ever Found

7. Not a ball yet, but trying very hard!

8. Giant Slug

9. Baobab, a giant against the background of other trees

10. This is Hulk, the world's largest pit bull.

11. Giant carrot

12. A wheel of cheddar cheese weighing 1800 kg (banana for scale)

13. Huge frog (shoe size 43 for scale)

14. Giant bouquet

15. This is an egg!

16. Hail the size of a baseball

17. Giant computer keyboard

18. Incredible hanging stone in the Sayan Mountains in Siberia

19. The Tadpole That Didn't Grow into a Frog Because of Hormone Imbalance

20. Snail

21. “Imagine that he suddenly wakes up.”

22. Giant residential building in Hong Kong

23. “I think he ate more than just salad.”

24. A giant saucepan that can boil 1200 eggs at once

25. This is one of the largest pizzas you can buy in New York.

26. Giant schnitzel

27. The world's largest legal tender coin, face value - 1 million Australian dollars

It weighs 1 ton (1,012 kg/2,231 lb) and is made of 99.99% pure gold, which was valued at $53.5 million when minted in 2012. The coin is currently kept at the Perth Mint in Australia.

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