A selection of interesting photographs from the series “everything is learned by comparison” (14 photos)

11 April 2024

Everything in this world is known by comparison! And people really like to compare everything around them. And when such giants come across their eyes, it’s a real holiday. Let's look at animals, plants and various objects of unusually gigantic size.

On mass

Giant slug

Water monster

This is one of the largest pizzas you can buy in New York.

Very big rat

Bear the size of a barn

Single cell organism

Single-celled organisms are usually imagined to be very tiny, not even accessible to the human eye, but Valonia potbellied, a seaweed, proves the opposite. It is also called "bubble seaweed", "cursed grape" and "sailor's eyeball".

Giant rabbit

Oyster of incredible size

The largest leaf ever found

Wisdom tooth

A Jerusalem cricket that is neither a Jerusalem cricket nor a cricket! They are also called potato bugs, although these insects do not feed on potatoes.

These false grasshoppers come from a family of insects from the order Orthoptera. There are more than 50 species. Habitat: USA, Mexico, India, Sri Lanka, Afrotropics and Oriental region.

Baseball-sized hail recently hit Iowa

Princess Frog!

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