View from the window: 25 wonderful moments of unity with nature (26 photos)

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11 April 2024

Windows are a necessary thing in the house. They allow us to bring light and fresh air into the room, and most importantly, they give us a glimpse of what is happening outside our four walls. And sometimes it can be very interesting there!

1. “A peregrine falcon has taken a fancy to our office building, and he often stares at me through the window in my office.”

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3. “Sleeping squirrels in a nest on the window ledge”

4. Firefox for Windows

5. “Spider Bro protects me from malaria mosquitoes.”

6. “Window at the local library overlooking the creek.”

7. "Reverse Zoo"

8. “I have 4 feathered friends who fly to my window every morning for breakfast.”

9. “The owl that flew into the window and then stared at my cat.”

10. “Today we couldn’t find our cat, so we looked out the window and...”

11. “The view from my kitchen window this morning.”

12. "Pregnant lizard on the bathroom window"

13. “This raccoon is looking through the glass at the raccoon figures standing on the windowsill.”

14. “Two eagles decided to build a nest right outside my grandmother’s window on the 12th floor.”

15. “I have an office lizard who comes to the window every day for food.”

16. “The street cat comes to my window every day because I give him food.”

17. “The wasps built a nest on my window.”

18. “Black vultures. The photograph was taken through a window that reflects the stained glass.”

19. “I saw an albino squirrel through the window”

20. “The imprint a bird left on my kitchen window this afternoon.”

21. “Northern Lights, view from an airplane window”

22. “The view from the window of the house that I rented. Looks like a painting hanging on the wall."

23. “Tiny frog prints on my kitchen window covered with morning dew.”

24. “I took a photo of my dog through a window screen. It looked like an old painting."

25. “Red - yellow - green”

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