Themselves with a mustache: unusual computer geniuses (30 photos)

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11 April 2024

Ah, this beautiful and fascinating world on the other side of the monitor. We live a parallel real life there - we study, work, have fun, learn news, build relationships and more.

What do cats see when sitting at the monitor? Furry users will not admit this. But the widest range of expressions of cunning mosquitoes clearly proves that this is something very, very interesting.

1. Let's get started

2. Let's go!

3. Why does this sausage look like a real one, but you can’t eat it?!

4. Attention is a guarantee of success

5. Feeling sad

6. It seems there was an error in the calculations

7. Mood - do nothing

8. What a movie!

9. Big Boss

10. When business is too busy

11. Genius Pose

12. Sleepy pause

13. Reboot

14. Pro in style

15. You have to look and smell

16. Let yourself relax

17. On the other side of reality

18. Magnificent duet

19. And let the whole world wait

20. Do we really need this?

21. Natasha, we didn’t understand anything. Nothing at all, Natasha

22. In any unclear situation, just change your perspective

23. Believe your eyes

24. He naively believes that he knows something that I don’t know.

25. Soft paws

26. Stranger Things

27. One fluffy cunning pug is good, but two are great

28. Where will the curve lead?

29. After righteous labors

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