Surprise – a delightful emotion of fluffy mosquitoes (25 photos)

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7 March 2024

Our world is capable of surprising even us - sophisticated and cynical people.

And cute and tender-hearted furry creatures can even fall into a stupor at the sight of something unexpected and strange. And at such moments one can read such undisguised surprise on the cats’ face that it is simply impossible to pass by and not capture this touching emotion.

1. It can’t be...

2. Kitty is shocked

3. Seriously?

4. Come on!

5. Amazing!

6. Wow!

7. My life will never be the same

8. We need to look from a different angle

9. I can't believe it

10. No words

11. I'm shocked

12. How is this possible?

13. Delaaaaa...

14. No comments

15. I don’t believe it!

16. Without words

17. Expressive look

18. Emotions run high

19. I never cease to be amazed

20. Confused

21. Aesthetics of surprise

22. Let me unsee this!

23. Reboot required

24. They managed to surprise even me

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