20 of the most ill-mannered and unpleasant passengers on board an airplane (21 photos)

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11 April 2024

Air travel already causes a lot of inconvenience... Unfortunately, sometimes it turns out that you are flying not only in cramped conditions, but also resentful of the disgusting seatmates who turned your flight into a real nightmare.

1. “It’s okay, I wasn’t going to watch anything anyway.”

2. “My friend sent me this photo. Saudi prince bought a ticket for his 80 hawks"

3. “Some people should just stay home or drive their cars.”

4. “What people leave behind on a plane. It's incredible how people don't respect each other. Air Algiers flight from Montreal to Algiers"

5. “When good manners were not brought in”

6. “This woman just left her tray of food in the middle of the airplane aisle.”

7. “I can’t stand it when people do that.”

8. “I’m very pleased with Yazhamat: she came up with something to keep the baby occupied during the flight so that he wouldn’t make noise.”

9. “My dad sent me this photo from today’s plane flight.”

10. “Removing shoes and airing your feet on airplanes should be prohibited by law.”

11. “I was squeezed on both sides so that there was nowhere to put my legs.”

12. “Interesting...”

13. “He eats pistachios and throws the shells right on the floor.”

14. “Now he’s shaking harder in the air, and no amount of yoga will help his back.”

15. “Sometimes you need to let them air out a little.”

16. “Cutting your toenails on a plane is not normal at all.”

17. “The man across the aisle from me took off his pants for the duration of the flight and remained in his underpants. He also took off his socks."

18. “On a flight from Philadelphia to Denver today.”

19. “She dries her panties under the air conditioning on the plane.”

20. “My neighbor put his phone on my leg without asking while he was rummaging through his bag.”

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