Why smoking was banned on planes (5 photos)

14 March 2023

Now it is impossible to imagine that earlier, some 30 years In the past, many airlines allowed smoking in the cabins of their aircraft.

Usually they were allocated special places in the tail or in the nose. aircraft. In business class, flight attendants could serve expensive cigars. But smokers, of course, delivered a lot of inconvenience to non-smokers clouds of smoke filling the cabin.

It was only in the late 1980s that things began to change. IN THE USA Smoking on airplanes was banned in 1988. in the Soviet Union in 1986 and issued an ordinance banning cigarettes on flights lasting less than three hours. Smoke was finally banned in the early 2000s.

The last flight that could smoke a cigar was the Aeroflot flight flying from Moscow to Shanghai in March 2002. After that, smoking was banned on all civilian flights. Only possible in private jets, where the owner himself sets the rules, as well as on medical, military or cargo flights that are not subject to the general legislation.

Grigory Leps smokes on the plane

Today, trying to smoke on an airplane is punishable by a large fine and inclusion in the black list of the airline. And let such cases are rare, but the plane can make an emergency landing if someone does not hold on and smoke in the toilet. Grigory Leps was filmed with a cigarette in his hands aircraft cabin, which led to a major scandal.

And it's not about caring for the health of passengers or the fire department. security. There is already a lot of everything on board that can catch fire without cigarettes.

Fuel economy played a big role in the ban. Inside cabins where they smoke, it is constantly necessary to carry out air conditioning and air recirculation so that passengers do not suffocate. It takes huge amount of fuel. Well, most likely the complaints of non-smokers passengers also played a significant role - it’s hard to spend many hours with watery eyes and inability to breathe normally.

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