These people paid in full for their forgetfulness (17 photos)

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9 April 2024

All of us have forgotten something at least once. At school it could be a pen, on a hike it could be salt, and in a cafe you can easily find that your wallet was left at home. Sometimes such incidents pass and are forgotten, but there are also cases when people’s forgetfulness results in real failures.

1. Someone forgot their lab form

2. I forgot the pizza in the oven

3. What to do if you didn’t take a paddle with you

4. It seems like someone forgot that sports T-shirts are translucent and you can get a tan through them.

5. What happens to a chocolate bunny if you leave it in a car in the heat?

6. Forgotten wine in the freezer

Sometimes people's relationships with the contents of the refrigerator are not the best. In such cases, culinary experiments end not in masterpieces, but in failures.

7. I forgot about my dentist appointment and didn't have time to change my clothes.

8. I put on different shoes to find out my wife’s opinion about them, and then I forgot to change my shoes and spent the whole day at work like this.

9. My friend lives next to a car dealership and forgot to put the handbrake on the car.

10. I drew this spider to scare the guy. But in the end I forgot about him and scared myself

11. I decided to heat the honey in the microwave, but forgot to remove the lid from it.

12. After repairing the machine, I forgot to put the attachment on it.

During quarantine, many people decided that getting a haircut was easy. But the results of the work of such home craftsmen often look like something you won’t envy.

13. A friend forgot to put the handbrake on the car

14. The dentist forgot to ask me to take off my glasses during the x-ray.

15. Left Pepsi in the car and it was -16°C at night

16. Forgot to take sneakers to the gym

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