Lenny Gwyther - a boy traveler, his companion and a long but fascinating journey (9 photos)

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4 April 2024

Modern parents are very worried about society's attitude towards children. In society, children and teenagers can be offended. One sideways glance can cause stress, panic and numerous trips to a psychologist.

If Lenny Gwyther were alive today, he would only laugh at attempts to keep his offspring in cotton wool or a glass flask. After all, at a tender age he did something that even an adult could not do.

Lenny and Ginger Meek

Lenny Gwyther was born on April 18, 1922 and died in 1992. He became a star in Australia thanks to his solo journey from Leongatha in Worail Shire, Victoria, to Sydney, New South Wales. But what makes this story unusual is that the explorer was only 9 years old when he decided to complete this almost impossible task.

Lenny's Amazing Journey

Lenny's father was a war veteran. In his absence, the son took over responsibility for running the farm when the boy was only 9 years old. Seeing his hard work and dedication, his parents Claire and Leo Gwyther allowed him to travel to Sydney on his own to see the opening of the Harbor Bridge.

At the time, the Sydney Harbor Bridge was considered an engineering marvel and was the largest single-span bridge in the world. The width of the bridge allowed six lanes of traffic, as well as trains and trams, to pass through. Lenny was fascinated by this structure and looked forward to its opening.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Having received permission from his parents, Lenny did not waste any time and immediately hit the road. The trip began on February 3, 1932. The boy had with him a letter from the President of Woorayl Shire, addressed to the Lord Mayor of Sydney. On the way to Sydney, Lenny had to face many difficulties, even overcoming the bush fires raging in Traralgon at that time on horseback.

Lenny became a sensation thanks to his journey. Along the journey of the brave boy and his horse, people offered help - food, shelter and more. In March, after seven weeks of riding, Lenny finally made it to Sydney. By the time the brave traveler arrived, the press was waiting for him to tell the whole country about what the boy experienced on this independent trip.

Ginger Mick

Lenny's horse was named Ginger Mick, and she deserved just as much praise for having traveled 1,000 kilometers. Remarkably, Ginger Meek was born on the same day as Lenny. The grandfather gave the two-year-old foal to his grandson.

Once he reached Sydney, Lenny met the Lord Mayor at Sydney Town Hall. Then he was invited to take part in the opening ceremony of the bridge: together with his horse, he stood on the platform and watched the process.

Following the opening, Lenny also visited local attractions and was given a cricket bat signed by Don Bradman, his cricketing idol.

Lenny promised to return home by water. But because of the collapsed fame and close attention, the boy was allowed to repeat the journey home on horseback.

Lenny is back

Statue honoring Lenny and Ginger Meek

Returning to Leongatha, Lenny drove along the Hume Highway, celebrating his tenth birthday along the way. The four-month journey ended with a reception at the town hall.

When Lenny and Ginger Meek returned home, everything changed for the inseparable couple and the boy's family. In honor of Lenny and Ginger, Mick organized a reception, which was attended by about 800 people. They were very proud of their famous compatriots and held a big celebration in honor of this incredible achievement. Lenny accomplished something that seemed impossible for a boy his age.

Even adults lack the potential to travel 1000 kilometers on horseback! The child demonstrated his passion and determination and it was truly commendable that he was able to complete such a difficult task at such a young age.

Lenny grew up to become an engineer at General Motors' Australian Holden plant at Fisherman's Bend in Melbourne. The passion he had for engineering wonders and varieties of machines became his bread and butter for the rest of his life.

Lenny Gwyther Memorial

Over time, the city's residents forgot the story of Lenny Gwyther's trip to Sydney. But in 2017, Lenny and Ginger Meek became a sensation again.

Lennie's daughter and sister were prominent in the local community. They raised funds to create a statue in honor of the town's famous adventurers, Lenny and Ginger Meek!

In addition, two books and even a song have been written about his adventures and achievements. Given his courage and dedication, it seems right to erect a monument to him.

Lennie's niece Julie Campbell grew up on the family farm where Lennie lived his entire life. She said that when she was a child, horses were still kept there. Animals were an important part of growing up on this farm, as they must have been for Lennie.

People's hero

What Lenny and Ginger Meek have achieved is inspiring. After installing the statue, city residents and all the people of the world will never forget about the adventures of an amazing couple of friends.

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