A woman lives in such a small apartment that she cooks food without leaving the shower (3 photos + 1 video)

2 April 2024

A resident of New York (USA) named Ellie talked about her tiny apartment and almost horrified many people.

The area is really so small that the kitchen and bathroom are essentially the same room. So Ellie can cook and stir food on the stove while showering. It is enough just to stick your hand out from behind the curtain - and now the hostess is both washing and cooking.

Shocked commentators said they couldn't live like that. They are sick of the fumes from the bathroom mixing with the fumes from the kitchen. Many are frightened by the thought that the curtain could catch fire, and a naked woman in the shower could get burned, for example, from oil splashing from the stove.

However, there were also commentators who noted that there is a plus in a combined kitchen and bathroom. In the morning, you can save time by taking a shower and cooking scrambled eggs - a great solution when you're in a hurry.

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