An American lives in a tiny apartment the size of a parking space (4 photos + 1 video)

30 March 2024

American Alex Verhaeghe lives in a tiny apartment with an area of 9 square meters - which is less than the average size of a parking space. The guy pays $1,100 a month for rent, but he’s absolutely happy with everything.

24-year-old Alex Verhaeghe lives in a small apartment in Manhattan's East Village. Its area is 9 square meters, which is less than the average size of a parking space. The apartment doesn't even have a bathroom. Instead, the five-story building has three bathrooms and two showers on each floor that residents share.

Alex himself works as a content creator and mail carrier. The guy lived in this apartment for three years and paid $1,100 a month in rent, but says that at the moment he has already moved to another, more spacious place. According to Alex, this apartment gave him a sense of independence and taught him that you don’t need much to live.

“Thanks to this apartment, I gained a sense of independence. I have my own corner, after all. I had to use common things, such as a toilet, but the apartment itself is mine - and I liked it. I enjoyed minimalism,” says the guy.

According to the guy, he has now found a larger apartment, but rents a separate room there for $1,300 a month. He says it took some getting used to living in a larger space and having access to, for example, a full-size stove and a bathroom in the apartment.

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