To cram the unpushable: how the Japanese live in apartments of 6 square meters (7 photos)

14 March 2023

Very often our compatriots complain about the old housing fund: narrow non-functional corridors, small kitchens, combined bathrooms. And the area of ​​some apartments does not indulge in space, which saddens people, urging them to dream of a better life.

Only now for the average Japanese and such housing can turn into a real holiday. Still in the Land of the Rising The sun's tiny apartments are not uncommon. Yes, in this country you can find apartments with an area of 6 square meters. Moreover, now such apartments are very popular: they are actively built and buy, which is not surprising - due to the high population density in large cities, housing prices began to rise, people just can't afford something better.

But how do people manage to accommodate themselves in such tiny apartments? It's more like a game of Tetris and another series movie "Mission Impossible" than the real conditions for life.

Let's start with the fact that such apartments do not have any partitions, except for one - in the bathroom. So for lack of walls saves a lot of space. There is simply no zoning here: the bathroom is separated by a thin partition, but here is the main room serves immediately as a kitchen, and a dining room, and a bedroom, and an office.

In addition, most of the furniture in such apartments - multifunctional: the table can become an ottoman, and the bed suddenly falls out from the wall. Everything is built on this: if you can’t buy a full-fledged furniture, you need to buy furniture that will cover most of the the needs of the people.

If you are lucky, then high ceilings allow you to make a small a superstructure in the form of a "second floor" where the bed is located. Then "first floor" is completely occupied by a living room combined with a kitchen. Alas, this is not possible everywhere today: in the old housing stock, apartments, although small, but high, in the new one they are very low. Save flocks not only on the area, but also on the volume.

In addition, they often save on work surfaces. So, there is no separate table for cooking in the kitchen: the Japanese just put cutting board on the sink while cooking. There is also no dining table - its role is played by a written one, but not so big to which we are accustomed to, and a small one is attached.

Separately, it is worth talking about the bathroom: it is here too tiny. I think a full person cannot even close in it. because her the dimensions simply do not allow even to fully bend down there. Tiny a toilet bowl, a very small sink and a small "wet area" for taking soul - you will not find more here.

In new houses, there may not be a sink in the toilet at all: only a shower, where it is supposed to wash dishes and hands. However, this is not means that people were left completely without a shell: it is here, just it is located on a common balcony, which also serves as a place for drying things, and a small warehouse, and a veranda where you can sit in the evening with a cup of tea.

Could I live in such a house? Actually, no, I was in one of these apartments. For me, she was too small. At I'm too long legs and tall in order to comfortably take a shower or cook dinner in it. I felt like an elephant in it china shop and even got a few bruises after crashing into the walls. I think this also applies to any other European with at least an average height.

The Japanese are a little more miniature than we are. So live in in such cramped conditions it is a little easier for them. Although, of course, to move from Everyone wants this kind of housing, it's just that most people don't have such an opportunity.

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