30 touching photos that will put goodness in the heart (30 photos)

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28 March 2024

There is a lot of good and light in the world, no matter what - and you can always find a ray of light even among the most impenetrable darkness. The photographs from this collection are just such a ray of light that fills the soul with hope for the best. Let's take a look at the inspiring and kind shots that were shared on the Internet.

1. The guard helps the pigeon drink

2. “When I was 2 years old, our house caught fire and I was unable to get out and passed out. This firefighter, Jeff Owes, saved me and brought me back to life. 23 years later, he met me and my 2-year-old son.”

3. Life is wonderful. Do what you want! Even wear a unicorn costume in the cold

4. “Today, after 841 days of treatment, my son is completely cured of cancer and rang that bell.”

5. “I proposed to my wife for 7 years with this inexpensive ring with a small stone. Below are two diamond rings that I gave her recently. But she asked me to return them to the store.”

"My wife asked me to return them to the store because this 7-year-old $500 ring means so much more to her. So I'm returning the $8,000 rings and we're going on a trip to Korea and Japan instead."

6. “My mother died when I was 11. Recently, I was given a randomly found cassette tape of her interview before my dissertation. I heard her voice for the first time in 25 years.”

7. Grandfather in the image from the cartoon "Up"

8. "I've been homeless for 10 years. I'm finally holding the keys to my first rental apartment."

9. “My 8-month-old daughter woke up smiling after brain surgery.”

10. “It’s been almost 4 years since I was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. As of February 22, 2023, I am completely healthy!”

11. Animals that the delivery service courier met during the working day

12. "My sister saved three squirrels during a hurricane

13. “5 years ago, my brother became a bone marrow donor to cure my leukemia. Now, thanks to this, we can grow together.”

14. “And for the first time I received the “Best Landscape” award at the exhibition”

15. “My son’s sweet reaction at our wedding to a girl I’ve been in a relationship with for years.”

16. “I saved this little guy from my dog. He had a gun in his hands!”

17. “Guided these little ones from the road to the pond so they could be reunited with their mother.”

18. “My daughter forgot her favorite toy. I took it with me to work and sent these photos to my daughter so that she would know that everything was fine with the toy.”

19. "Stayed over at my parents' house. Dad decided to do a morning photobomb while I was sleeping."

20. “After I was born, I was falsely diagnosed with brain damage and taken from my mother to be taken to a special center. My mother snuck into the building and stole me.”

"When she was caught, she signed the documents and refused the services of the center. My mother gave me life twice."

21. That's how important trees are in nature

22. Just cute!

23. “Mom told me to smile in this photo. But I really got into character.”

24. “We thought our dog had 4 puppies, but then it turned out to be 8. She’s shocked herself!”

25. True love knows no boundaries

26. “Today is my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary and I adore them!”

27. “My wife is bedridden, so I made her this costume for Halloween.”

28. “Six months ago I was taken to the hospital weighing 32 kg, and they said that I would die in a week. Today I was discharged from the hospital weighing 52 kg.”

29. “I keep a duck in my antidepressants to lift my spirits.”

30. “Our boss at work makes us breakfast every Wednesday.”

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