A woman cloned her dead cat by donating a year's salary (6 photos)

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26 March 2024

When our pets pass away, it is always sad. Would you pay a year's salary to get your furry friend back? A resident of Canada did just that. She cloned her dead cat. As many as two times!

Chris Stewart from British Columbia, Canada, paid $50,000 for two clones of her deceased ragdoll cat named Bear. He died at the age of five after being hit by a car in January 2022. Her new pets, Bear Bear and Honey Bear, are genetic twins of her late pet. They were born using the method of cloning somatic cells, during which the nucleus of one of the cells of a deceased cat was transferred into a new egg. The egg was then implanted into a surrogate mother, who gave birth to kittens that had 0% of her DNA but 100% of the deceased cat's DNA.

The woman turned to the Texas company ViaGen, which calls itself “the world leader in animal cloning.” After the cloned kittens were born, they spent two months at ViaGen's New York facility. Just this week the owner took the babies home.

"They're both like Bear. They're brave and playful. Bear was the smartest animal I've ever had, and I've had animals since I was two," Chris said.

The first two attempts to clone Bear were unsuccessful, but with the third, healthy kittens were born. In addition to dogs and cats, ViaGen also offers horse cloning. Cloning dogs and cats costs $50,000, and horses $85,000. In its work, the company uses the same technique used to clone the famous Scottish sheep Dolly: by transplanting the nucleus of a somatic cell into the cytoplasm of an egg.

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