A perfectly preserved fresco was found in Pompeii (6 photos)

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14 March 2024

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient fresco in Pompeii, buried under a layer of volcanic ash two thousand years ago. The opulent work of art was found in Leda's home, known for its intricate wall paintings and historical value.

This unique fresco was discovered 2,000 years after it was buried under volcanic ash in the ancient Roman city of Pompeii. It was found in the House of Leda, an open-air structure in Pompeii that is of historical and cultural value. Archaeologists immediately appreciated that the fresco was perfectly preserved, despite the fact that its upper right part was lost. It depicts Phrixus and Helle, two twins from Greek mythology, who travel the sea on a magic ram to escape their evil stepmother.

According to Greek legend, a brother and sister are forced to flee because their stepmother, Ino, wants to get rid of them. In the scene depicted, the sister falls from the ram and, according to legend, drowns in the strait between Europe and Asia. Archaeologists called this fresco a truly “magical” discovery.

"It's amazing to see how well the bright colors in this fresco have been preserved. And to see the mythological scene depicted - Phrixus sitting on a ram while his sister Helle drowns - is a real privilege," says Dr Sophie Hay, a British archaeologist from Archaeological Park of Pompeii.

The city was buried under a huge layer of ash as a result of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. e. To this day, excavations are carried out here, and sometimes scientists find unique artifacts. This fresco was discovered by archaeologists from the Pompeii Archaeological Park, a government organization that organizes excavations in the city. Experts hope that the found fresco will soon be put on public display in Pompeii.

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