A bodybuilder from India swallowed 39 coins and 37 magnets (5 photos)

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2 March 2024

A resident of India believed that “zinc helps in bodybuilding,” but instead of vitamins he consumed metal objects. Doctors at a New Delhi hospital removed 39 coins and 37 magnets from a patient's intestines.

X-rays taken before the operation at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital showed that metal clots had formed in the intestines. The 26-year-old athlete spent several weeks “replenishing” his zinc deficiency with improvised means while undergoing treatment for an undisclosed psychiatric illness.

The patient was admitted to the hospital with complaints of abdominal pain and vomiting that lasted more than 20 days.

The coins and magnets caused intestinal obstruction and erosion developed on the intestinal walls. The man underwent emergency surgery.

The extracted magnets were shaped like a heart, a sphere, a bullet, a triangle, and a star. Postoperative x-ray confirmed that all foreign objects were removed.

The Indian spent seven days in hospital recovering from surgery before being discharged.

It is worth noting that consuming such an amount of metal can lead to intoxication and even death.

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