Time flies: 30 amazing examples of worn-out items (31 photos)

2 March 2024

Time goes by very quickly and does not spare anyone. You can realize this at different moments: including by looking at old, worn things. Netizens shared impressive examples of worn-out or long-used items that show the power of time. Let's take a look at the most striking examples!

1. Steps leading to an old wall in the vicinity of Dinkelsbühl, Germany

2. “My work colleague has been using the same piece of paper to write on his pens for 2 years now.”

3. “I cut my hair when I was 16. Now I’m 27, and my hair is duller than it was then.”

4. 25th Anniversary Sailor Moon Blanket and New Blanket

5. 6 lines on my nails, one for each chemotherapy session I recently had.

6. "My water bottle, which I've been using for 20 years, recently cracked. Here's a new one."

7. “My mom’s dog opens the front door by itself. Here are the prints of her paw, which she usually uses to lean on the wall.”

8. Doormat in Cluj, Romania

9. A prosthesis that was worn for two years and a new one

10. Favorite toy that is 27 years old

11. “Our family has had this spoon for 70 years and we still use it.”

12. A collection of scribbled pencils from three semesters at the university

13. Old and new toys

14. “Mountain” of candles in a restaurant. They simply put a new one on the burnt one.

15. A place at the cash register in a pharmacy

16. New sneakers, and those that were worn for two years

17. Strasbourg Cathedral in France

18. New notebook for sketches, and covered with writing

19. New Pikachu and 15-year-old Pikachu

20. Steps of Westminster Abbey in London

21. 18 year old wallet and new wallet

22. Staircase in the church bell tower

23. New work boots and boots from 6 years ago

24. “The sweater I wear at home while I work at the computer. The sun always shines on the left side.”

25. "Water filters from the water supply system at my work. On the right - after 7 days of use"

26. “My finger after I took off the ring that I had been wearing for 2.5 years.”

27. Mark from the door handle

28. Road where buses stop every 1-4 minutes

29. “My overalls, which I wore for three years. Before and after.”

30. Cards that have been played for 20 years

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