30 proofs that some men suit long hair (31 photos)

12 December 2023

Long hair in men is rare, but not something surprising. Many guys start growing their hair out and love the results. However, long hair does not suit everyone - and not every man is ready to take care of a lush “mane” so that it looks appropriate. Let's take a look at some striking examples of men with long hair.

1. “I’ve been growing it for three years now!”

2. The guy cut his hair before entering medical school and donated it to children's charity

3. Luxurious!

4. You can never have too much hair

5. “This chick mistook my hair for a nest.”

6. Are they real? They are real..

7. "How my hair has grown in two years"

8. A guy with Indian roots

9. Curly

10. “This policeman approached me in the mall. I thought he wanted to check if I had any illegal substances - but he just wanted to take a photo.”

11. Some guys look really good with long hair.

12. “I’m 52. Because of the pandemic, I stopped cutting my hair, and for the first time in my life I grew it this long.”

13. Two years later

14. Fashionable couple

15. And you don’t have to be a rocker to have long hair.

16. Looks cool even with gray hair

17. Many girls dream of such thick hair!

18. "I've been growing it for 8 years"

19. “This is how it all started, and this is what my hair looks like now.”

20. “And I’m a high school teacher. I’ve been growing my mane for three years.”

21. “I recently cut my hair and already regret it. But at least it will grow back.”

22. “I’ve been growing my hair for 7 years now.”

23. “I’ve been growing it for three years, I cut my hair once. I don’t plan on cutting my hair again.”

24. Long-haired groom

25. Before and after

26. Starting to grow their hair, many men no longer see themselves as before.

27. "One year of growing. And I like it!

28. "That's my guy. He's the king of hair!"

29. “I think I might as well get my hair cut already..”

30. “Everyone tells me to cut my hair. But I don’t want to yet.”

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