The blogger showed the most ghostly city in England (8 photos + 1 video)

The English town of Horden is a place reminiscent of something out of a dystopian novel. There are many empty abandoned houses with plastic panels instead of windows and doors, and everything around is shrouded in an eerie atmosphere. A local blogger took us on a short tour of Horden.

A blogger from England under the nickname Bald and Bankrupt showed the “ghost” town of Horden on his blog. It looks like after the apocalypse: abandoned, with empty streets, and plastic doors and windows glued to the facades of houses. According to the blogger, these fake doors and windows were installed by local authorities to create the feeling that there is still some kind of life in the city.

In its "best times" Horden was a bustling town, home to a community of miners and a thriving coal industry. After its decline, many left the city, leaving their homes, and the city became empty. According to the blogger, such houses were built in the 1800s throughout northern England - they were intended to house miners who came here to work. Now most of the houses are in dilapidated condition.

Many are comparing Horden to a dystopian town, while others are calling on authorities to renovate the houses and make them livable. Video commentators also actively supported this idea. However, so far the city is not planning to change anything.

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