On her head is a cap... oh no, it's a giant curler! (4 photos)

2 March 2024

This strange head cap is worn by women in the Cap-Caval department of the province of Brittany. Been worn for over 400 years.

This cap is called Biguden. Something familiar:)? Yes, that’s right, that’s what they are – curlers. The French invented curlers, although any historian will say that women all over the world have been curling their hair with anything since ancient times. The Egyptians preferred sticks, the Romans used thick fabric, and the Greeks used wooden cones.

On city holidays, residents of Brittany wear hair curlers.

But regardless of who came up with the idea of curling hair, the word “curlers” became widespread.

The birthplace of “curlers” is the city of Pont-l'Abbe in the land of Bigoudin in the Cap-Cavall department of the province of Brittany.

Local legend says that it all started with a decree from King Louis XIV to demolish the bell tower in the city as punishment for the residents for their participation in the 1675 “Red Hats” uprising.

The towers on the head appeared in revenge against King Louis XIV

For reference. The uprising of the “red hats” was caused by new types of taxes that Louis XIV introduced - on tobacco, on tin objects and on paper. The latter caused particular discontent. Government agencies and courts began to accept only stamp paper, and people had to pay a lot of money for a special type of paper. The rebels wore “red” hats to distinguish each other in the crowd.

In retaliation against the king, local women began to wear “bell towers” made of lace on their heads instead of caps. Quite quickly, the “towers” grew to 40 cm. For durability, they were coated with starch, and combs, ribbons, and pins were used. Sometimes it took a whole day to prepare the curler, and the outfit itself became a common word and began to mean the process of curling hair before using the curler.

That's how curlers appeared :)

Bigouden has become the hallmark of this region of France; it can even be found on the flag of the land of Bigouden.

Flag of the land of Bigouden

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