Is it harmful to wear weights on your head (7 photos)

24 December 2023

Have you tried carrying loads the way women in India carry bales and jugs? Yes, I did, and my neck hurt terribly afterwards. But here they have been using this method for generations and don’t complain. So I became curious - is it harmful?

What the Indians themselves say

Most often, women carry loads this way in India. Because these are household things - bales, jugs of water, basins with harvest. But even a man has been trained in this technique since childhood.

We went to the well by water, immediately with samovars

They admit that it’s easier for them to carry things over long distances – there’s nothing dragging their hands.

It is believed that the load when carrying in this way is reduced by reducing the fluctuations of the load. It sways rhythmically with every step of a person, becoming an extension of his body.

And how does this help even women to work as loaders at a brick factory? This is equality!

And the load is distributed along the line of the spine, without disturbing the balance, without forcing you to place an unusual emphasis on your legs. Because a backpack on your back pulls you back and increases the load on your heels, for example.

Special craftsmen can carry loads of 70% of their weight in this way. It's all the magic of physics! This way, the least effort is spent, only on horizontal movement, and the smoother the gait, the easier it is. No effort spent constantly balancing with the burden.

The burden on your head can be different, very unexpected things

Even if you want to rest, the burden is not removed from your head. To lift it and put it back, more effort will be expended than will be made up for stopping to rest.

Why doesn't it fall?

Because they are being cunning! Under most weights, such a fabric bagel roller is placed on the top of the head. It does not slip, and things do not rub against the top of the head and do not rub the girl’s beauty - her hair.

Here they are! Rollers! Of course, such a burden. In case anyone doesn't understand, these are cow dung.

Maybe Europeans should do this too?

No! And don't even try to take full dishes and jugs. In India, children learn to do this from a young age; they have stronger necks and more toned muscles. Even the thickness of the intervertebral cartilaginous discs increases, as doctors say.

And this makes Indian women’s gait smoother, more stately, something to envy. They swim like peahens. By the way, I haven’t seen it anywhere, and why hasn’t any designer yet released models on the catwalk with a weight on their head, so that there would be an emphasis on their unique smooth gait. This would definitely make a splash in the fashion world.

Not only women have been training since childhood. Men, for example, can even lift a motorcycle on their head and place it on the roof of a bus.

The motorcycle at the top weighs 100-150 kilograms

Although it is very convenient to wear things like this, you can only have this talent with daily training from childhood. Our children simply do not need to develop this skill.

So you are unlikely to retrain the entire nation to a more convenient method. For a European, all this promises only intervertebral hernias.

How stylishly this man moves with his load!

And after 18 years, it’s too late for us to relearn. So our movers have to carry everything on their backs the old fashioned way.

Can you at least carry a book on top of your head like this for your posture and not drop it?

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