The meeting of Marilyn Monroe and the Queen of England, features of a Texas parking lot and much more: photos that will surprise you (41 photos)

29 February 2024

Had a fight with your loved ones? Tired at work? Are you just bored? Then you are at the right place: the surging existential crisis will be driven away by this wonderful selection of random photos, which are connected only by the fact that they are all incredibly cool and interesting!

1. The Tasmanian giant crab, one of the largest crabs in the world, weighs 17 kg and its shell reaches 46 cm in width (Australia)

2. Close-up portrait of a luxurious snow leopard

3. A 111-Year-Old Collection of Shakespeare's Plays in Miniature

4. Sectional view of submarine cable

5. Ryujin 3.5 Satoshi Kamii is one of the most complex origami in the world. The figure is assembled from a single uncut sheet of paper

6. Just a very strange bird called Potoo who lives in Venezuela

7. Now take a closer look!

8. “I captured the explosion of a giant star using my home telescope. People saw this explosion with the naked eye in 1054 AD."

9. Raven's Eye

10. Perfectly transparent ice on Lake Baikal

11. Star Wars origami. Both are folded from a single sheet of paper

12. Truck for transporting molten metals

13. The Concorde cockpit is one of the most complex in the world

14. In case you didn't know, the Great Sphinx of Giza has a tail.

15. Colorized photograph of an Art Deco Mercury train, Chicago, 1936.

16. Robert G. Heft designed the American flag at age 17 in 1958 for a school history project. He was given a B. After President Eisenhower personally told him that his design was chosen from 1,500 options

17. Wings of a hummingbird in the sun

18. Behind the scenes of The Amazing World of Gumball

19. Bagger 293 - the world's largest ground vehicle weighing 14,000 tons and 217 meters long with a maximum speed of 0.6 km/h

20. In Rome there is a road built in 321 BC. It is still used today.

21. Train cut out of pencil

22. This is a pink-necked green pigeon. It can be found in some parts of Asia

23. Zebra foals remember their mother's striped pattern. Sheldrick Wildlife Trust keepers wear a special suit to care for orphaned foals

24. Just a big gorilla on a very small chair

25. Marble caves in Chile

26. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

27. A cat with an unusual color and multi-colored eyes

28. Unusual Ford Thunderbird (1963)

29. Endless snow-covered forest in Finland

30. Infographic: how long do different animals live?

31. Unusual agate window

32. This saiga looks like a character from Star Wars

33. Muhammad Ali tries to lift 76-year-old former world bantamweight boxing champion Johnny Coulon. He had a special technique: as soon as he put his finger on the opponent’s neck and wrist, he could no longer lift him off the ground.

34. 2.3 kilometers above New York

35. Manufactory before and after renovation (Lodz, Poland)

36. When the wave rises above the lighthouse

37. Artist and runner Lenny Moen uses city streets as his canvas.

38. Meeting of Queen Elizabeth II and Marilyn Monroe, 1956

39. Texas, school parking lot. Both the Ferrari and the tractor belong to the students

40. Red fly agaric produces spores

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