Glinnil Khilgyr Izzigyl - this is how the Filipino grandfather forced him to name his grandson (5 photos)

25 February 2024

And this name even has a meaning, as the child’s parents say. On his certificate he is listed as Glhynnyl Hylhyr Yzzyghyl. How do you like this, Elon Musk and your sad child named X Æ A-12 against this background?

It's impossible to say this, of course.

That’s why no one is going to read their name out loud anywhere. Except at the registry office, parents themselves suggest abbreviated names.

So the name Glinnil Hilgir Izzigyl M. Buscato was coined by the grandfather of the newborn Raugil Ferolin Estrera from Cotabato in the Philippines. Because there it is customary to give the right to name a child to older family members.

The baby is in the center of the photo, and the family is quite large!

Well, he helped, he helped his 25-year-old son, but his son could not disobey.

“I came up with this name for about a week, I came up with it through trial and error,” said Raugila. I just want to say how he realized that the previous names were a mistake, but these are normal!? Maybe we don't know something!?

Why is this combination “bkuv”

This is a combination of the names of all family members. So the letters G and N are taken from the mother, her name is Geraldine.

N, Y and L were taken from Joraline's grandmother. And grandfather replaced all the vowels with Y, because they all have such a letter in their family names, so the three sisters in the family are called that way - Joralyn, Jeoradyl, and Jerrylyl.

Almost no one supported grandfather on social networks

The administrator failed the first time and typed the child’s name incorrectly. I had to reissue my birth certificate. How did they notice the mistake there?

Nobody liked it

The child is nothing but he is already being ridiculed to the fullest on social networks.

Glynneel Hilgir Izzigil sounds like gibberish and in the Philippines too, it was not appreciated. Grandfather tried to pay tribute to the whole family, but he didn’t have enough sense for something decent.

In general, in the Philippines it is very nice to call children “gentle”, “sweet”, charming”, “happy”. It’s nice to call someone by name

By the way, grandfather had already come up with names for other kids in the family, but somehow limited himself to the more acceptable Precious Faith (Precious Faith, translated as Valuable Destiny) and Reu Devinne Ci.

It is suggested that the name be pronounced as Glynil Hyler Easyhil.

The child still has to go to kindergarten and school, and if the mother doesn’t think of not telling anyone and coming up with a common nickname for the child, how will he be bullied at school!

No, well, the child will somehow forgive this dad for the fact that he is a millionaire

I like telling names like Precious, but in this case everything just smacks of a lack of imagination and the stupidity of a grandfather. Do you think this will do?

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