Curiosity as a lifestyle (25 photos)

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25 February 2024

There is a second part to the famous proverb about curiosity that killed the cat.

Which reads: “But having satisfied him, the cat was resurrected.” Seals are very curious creatures and consider it their direct responsibility to immediately satisfy their curiosity by sticking their adorable nose where it is needed. And where not needed too. However, can you blame them for showing this natural feeling if curiosity results in such wonderful photos?

1. What are you doing here?

2. How beautiful this world is

3. Natasha’s pets: the beginning

4. What awaits us around the corner?

5. Dangerous predator

6. Are there mice? What if we find it?

7. God-cats

8. Curiosity upside down

9. I wonder if she will come out to play with us?

10. Aren’t you lying to me about the lack of sausage, dear master?

11. Who are you, strange creature?

12. Is it possible to just eat something delicious and not share it with a cute cat?

13. Is this house really just for me?

14. I wonder if he will just pet me or also scratch me behind the ear?

15. Should we eat right away or watch a show?

16. You won’t have a file?

17. It seems they are going to eat fish without me

18. Curious happiness

19. Observation point

20. Stranger Things

21. It seems that this leather one can definitely stroke us

22. Has the ball gone?

23. Do you already issue salaries?

24. Different views on curiosity

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