Tricksters who love hide and seek, but are too lazy to hide (17 photos)

Category: Animals, Fun, PEGI 0+
22 March 2023

Pets are also not alien to entertainment. Eg, lie low when the owner yells, trying to lure out his tailed treasure for a walk or a trip to the vet.

But if the threat of vaccination did not hang over the fluffy booty, then you can hide and less qualitatively. For show, so as not to unlearn and have some fun.

1. I'm not here

2. I'm not a cat, but an illusion

3. A virtuoso in disguise

4. Master blend in with the terrain

5. It's just a wire

6. Almost done

7. To the vet? I'm not at home

8. Leaf plant

9. Curiosity does not kill, but gives away

10. I will look with one eye at the search for my beloved

11. How to jump out, how to jump out!

12. Perfect disguise

13. I won, right?

14. And we have a winner!

15. For the sake of victory, you have to team up with an opponent

16. Shelter Discovered

Do your pets test your patience in this way?

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