The intricacies of fate: cats and tails (24 photos)

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25 February 2024

When you want to say so much to someone important to you or another living being, you don’t always need to use fancy expressions and make pompous speeches.

Sometimes touches are enough, but special, cozy and close ones, which will tell you about the main thing without unnecessary words. To do this, just press your warm side to each other and carefully intertwine your tails. This is what cats do, and they know a lot about tenderness.

1. Heartfelt affection

2. We are together

3. Lunch for two

4. Sunny friendship

5. And let the whole world wait

6. Even though opinions differ

7. One is black, the other is red - two funny cats

8. Confidence and steadfastness

9. Dear long

10. Family

11. White dreams

12. Keeping pace

13. One road for two

14. Romance of rainy streets

15. We are different, but we are together

16. Black and white tenderness

17. I will protect you from adversity

18. Boat trip

19. I’ll sing now

20. It's almost already

21. Crosshairs of destinies

22. Yard idyll

23. Because we are a gang!

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