Pizza dough will never be the same: 30 photos that will scare people with trypophobia (31 photos)

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22 February 2024

Trypophobia is the fear of clusters of holes, irregularities, or patterns. A person with trypophobia can be frightened by even a photograph of a strawberry or lotus fruit - what can we say about these creepy pictures published in the Trypophobia community on Reddit. Well, are you ready to tickle your nerves?

1. The beekeeper forgot to put a frame in the hive, and the bees improvised

2. An ant-like woodpecker and its store of acorns in a tree

3. Wild Hive

4. “I found a piece of shell on the beach.”

5. Burnt tree that looks like spaghetti

6. Statue

7. A pipe full of shells

8. Wood sculpture

9. After a walk through the snowdrifts

10. The tick laid eggs in an airtight container for several months

11. "Baby, why are you crying?"

12. Skull in limestone deposits

13. Pizza dough

14. Trypophobes should never relax, even when sitting down to drink beer after a hard day at work.

15. “I ate a lot of sour candy and my tongue decided to peel off.”

16. Ceiling of a tomb in Iran

17. Close-up photo of pigeon feathers

18. Wasps build a nest in a baking dish

19. Here comes the strawberry

20. Flip-flop with shells found on the beach

21. Surinamese pipa - a toad that carries eggs in “pockets” on its back

22. Traditional Ethiopian bread injera

23. Beech orange mushroom, also known as cyttaria gunnii

24. "Destination", only with trypophobia

25. “Drawing by my four-year-old daughter. The red circles are “holes from which hair grows.”

26. Mushrooms

27. Lotus root in lotus root - trypophobia x2

28. Beans forgotten in the microwave

29. Eggs laid on a spider's web

30. “I found wrinkled mold in a pot outside.”

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